What would you change?

Socialintegration.org is a virtual space for NGO’s, institutions and individuals from the Central and South Eastern Europe region to share their ideas and tell their stories. Putting into practice ERSTE Foundation's ''What would you change?'' claim, socialintegration.org aims to be a meeting point for all those who are passionate about social change and social integration challenges. 


The "new" Social Integration Network is online

by socialintegration.org

The Social Integration Network was first established in 2008. The idea behind the network is to create a "roadmap" of best-practice projects in Central and South Eastern Europe.


NGO of the Week

Vagus, C.A.

Vagus, through its activity, increases and stabilizes the quality of life of homeless people, develops conceptual approaches to the target…


Secret Years – Confessions of 11 lesbians

Eleven lesbian women “confess” about the “Secret Years”: on women, love, family, happiness and pain. They discuss their identity searching during the Kádár era, the subculture-tolerating 80s, the movement following the transition and their personal struggles.

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